Friday, January 22, 2010

The Ugly Duckling

This will be FABulous, I thought. I THOUGHT! A 1970 vintage dress pattern and a slew of vintage fabric I had in my attic, combined with some new vintage fabric pieces I just got at World Market Thrift Store. Woo hoo! What a project.

After the holidays, I went into a non-creative slump and couldn't pull myself out for a bit there. It was cold, it was January, and I was pretty miserable for a while. So off to the thrift stores it was for me, shopping always makes me feel better. I picked up some new old fabric and that inspired me to get sewing again. The vision in my head of my new dress was fantastic, a mod peachy dress with poofy sheer polka dot sleeves. I'm not sure when exactly I went off course, but the outcome is not what I had originally envisioned. In fact, there's no sheer poofiness anywhere. Just a very, very boxy ugly peach drab dress that does absolutely nothing for my figure. Oh yeah! That was the 70s. The worst fashion ever. What was I thinking? That something from the 70s actually would look good in its reincarnation.

But, there's hope! I am determined to turn this ugly duckling into a swan. The dress now hangs on the closet door behind me, with a sheer piece of blue flowery fabric puckered and pinned to the front of it. It has potential. I'll save it. I will wear it. Maybe.

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