Monday, February 1, 2010

I Have My Limits

I have set my limits. Well, kind of.

I now own a gorgeous set of Russel Wright Iroquois Casual China. Ahh in Lettuce. ohhhh. Matches my dining room perfectly. I just ate kielbasa off of one of the plates. So purdy...

SO, therefore> IF I see any RW pieces out there in Lettuce, OR ANY OTHER RW PIECES for that matter, I shall get them. Maybe. If the price is right. I saw a mismatched set of RW salt and pepper shakers today at a dinky place in Waynesboro, one was coral, the other gray. They wanted $12.50 for them! HA! Ridiculous. I have my limits you know.

Ok and I now own a Franciscan earthenware pottery Madeira mug. I like it. I use it at Nicholas' house. He has a bowl. It matches. And a creamer. SO IF I see any other Madeira earthenware out there, I will get it. If the price is right. I feel COMPELLED to complete the set now.

And IF I see any other something something designed by Viktor Schreckengost or his brother Don, or Eva Zeisel, oh, or Ben Seibel, or…or any of those Scandinavian designers..well, you get the picture. But I have my limits!