Friday, January 22, 2010

My "Unique" BF

Following on the coat tails of my dearest BF while he goes from thrift store to estate sale to ebay to is worthy enough of its own blog.

"What did you buy today Mr. P?" I inquire. "I won the bid for four pipes on Goodwill!" he replies proudly. Surprised that he would make such an unlikely purchase I ask him "Pipes? What do you know about pipes?" He explains "I know enough to look them up and see that they are worth some money. I paid $76 dollars for them." I see. Hmm.

Okay. Pipes. The kind you put tobacco in. We'll see how that pans out in the end when he lists them on Ebay. I asked him if the ones he saw were moving and he assured me they were. At least they don't take up a lot of room. Like yesterday's purchase.

The day before we were at Unique. We did our usual circuit around the store, finding nothing. I wandered off to inspect the drapery section when I espied Mr. P. looking happily and smugly at something in the furniture section. Uh oh, I thought to myself. Just then a voice came over the loud speaker…as if to read his mind, the store clerk announced that all furniture was 50% off today. Darn it, I thought, that clinches the deal for him no doubt.

The "find" of the day was a 500lb. metal flat file, the kind you would put architectural plans or something flat in. But, there was a rub, we had MY car, not enough room to put the file cabinet into. So I thought. That didn't stop him, he was determined to have that file and bring it home to put...somewhere. So for half price, $12.50, it was his and the store employee was wheeling it out on the cart to the front door. I was instructed to get my car and pull it up front. After much maneuvering and finagling, they had it in my trunk, sticking WAY out of course, with some nylon rope holding it, hopefully, in place.

We got it home and he found a place for it in his closet, which meant removing half of his closet's contents, opening up a whole new can of worms. Now there is no longer any room to walk about in his dining room, for the flatware cabinet that WAS in his closet is NOW in the dining room, and there are the 44 pieces of Russell Wright china on the floor there that he bought last week, and the drink cart is blocking everything. But we'll work on that. That's the latest plan, anyways.

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