Thursday, December 17, 2009

How My Mind Wanders

I was at my Garden Club Holiday Tea yesterday telling one of the ladies how I wake up every morning with inventive ideas bursting from my brain. Sure enough, when I awoke this very morning, there they were again. New and bright ideas, things to accomplish in the days ahead, or to file in the back of my mind for later use. I was excited as always with the visualizations, and the objects de arte quickly became capitalistic enterprises that would franchise all over the world, or at least, Cascade, MD.

The problem has become that my brain can only hold so many ideas before the index cards fall out of the back of my head. Another problem is focusing on one project long enough to even complete it before I start moving on to the next fruitful idea. I decided it was time to start a blog to keep track of all of these enterprising ideas. And so, my blog is born.

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